I See Ghosts is Post Harcore / Alternative / Emo Band based in Heilbronn Germany.

Heavy guitars underlined by emotional synths. The band envolves an unique mixture of expressive post hardcore elements drenched in atmospheric synths with its roots in alternative rock.

I See Ghøsts or earlier known as Grandma’s Boys gave their debut in 2019 with the single ‘Fortune Favours Fools’. During the years the band developed their sound. While the first singles reminded of an anthem of the nostalgic 20’ Pop Punk their journey drove them more and more into a Alternative Rock / Post Hardcore section.

Band Members:

Svenlead vocals
Dennis Jayguitars/backing vocals


2019-08-16Fortune Favors Fools
2020-01-09Beast of Prey
2020-05-01Out Of Shape
2020-09-18Growing Needs and Dying Lights
2021-05-07Burning Boulevard
2022-07-29Red Carpet
2023-01-13Following Your Sleep